Call To Action Co., Ltd. offers services providing knowledge to the general public, organizing exclusive field trips and tours.

Suthichai Yoon

CTA (Call to Action) is an event management and a specialized tour organizing company that
focuses on educating a wide demographic of people living in Thailand on various important
social issues. CTA will provide a range of services including organizing exclusive conferences
and seminars, camps and trips overseas with Suthichai Yoon – Thailand’s most respected
media personality and journalist as a partner in hosting most events.

CTA wants to be Thailand’s most reputable and influential Project and Event Management
Company with top notch well-known, inspirational speakers for targeted audiences who
want to learn, develop and grow themselves personally and professionally.

Our mission at CTA is to simply educate. We want to provide unique services
and products that will make an impact and difference to people’s
lives and to Thailand as a whole.

Our services aim to create more valuable experiences and opportunities
for people either currently living or planning to live in Thailand to educate,
inform, entertain and broaden their perspective.

We want to target, develop and nurture our audience and move forward as a company that influences, inspires and provides a high-quality service to the people living in Thailand and worldwide.

CTA’s main objectives for the next three years are:

– To establish CTA as Thailand’s most reputable and influential project management
and digital learning company.

– To hold a variety of monthly seminars hosting influential speakers for specific
targeted audiences to promote services, knowledge and to educate.

– To organize and successfully run 3 – 5 international excursions annually to give our target audience unique opportunities and experiences to travel, meet influential icons and gain insight and inspiration.

– To create Thailand’s first digital online education academy.


• Seminars: CTA creates, develops and executes informative seminars and conferences
focused on topics that are in demand by targeted groups of people both in Thailand and

• Camps: CTA will organise and run exclusive local and international camps for targeted
groups to attend, learn and achieve in the specific area of development needed such as
leadership, music, muay thai, etc.

• Exclusive Trips: CTA will create, develop and execute exclusive VIP trips for targeted groups
in Thailand to travel internationally for a specific purpose. Also, CTA will host VIP trips within
Thailand for international clients coming to Thailand to learn, develop and experience
cultural exchange in their specific field or for their individual purposes.